AVIR and Medlantis Launch their Exclusive Educational Partnership 0

TORONTO, Canada – The new partnership between AVIR and Medlantis will be a big boost in educational delivery for AVIR’s membership. Utilizing the latest technology for video capture and online distribution, AVIR content, through Medlantis, will be online, allowing their content to be distributed to their entire membership.

Up until now, AVIR has not had the ability to distribute much of their content online. Now, instead of a few hundred people meeting at a conference, Medlantis is helping the entire AVIR membership, as well as the next generation of members, students who are entering into their career, as well as regional members connect with the lecture content on an ongoing basis.

Medlantis has already captured and distributed online, AVIR’s largest regional conference out of Virgina, as well as their Wisconsin conference.

“The education of radiographers and technologists has been largely face-to-face lectures and conference attendance for the last 50 or more years!   This is time-consuming and costly.   Now, with Medlantis, we can share our content with our entire membership in the US, but also reach out internationally.   Until now, you needed to wait for regional or national meetings to get the latest updates…now you can get them in virtually real time.” explains Alisha Hawrylack, President, AVIR.

This partnership also means Medlantis is AVIR’s exclusive digital education partner. Their online portal allows distribution of mobile digital content, short clips, and longer lectures as well as presentations. Each video is fully transcribed and segmented into chapters, allowing the user to quickly access the specific material they need, and allowing individual preferences to be defined.

“Moving forward, we expect to do a number of their regional meetings and continue to deliver accredited content to their membership, unaccredited up-to-date videos, and do so across multiple annual and regional meetings.” explains Andrew Witchell, VP Product Development & Marketing, Medlantis.


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