Biba Medical Partners With Medlantis to Bring Face-to-Face Endovascular Medtech Physician Training Workshops To A Worldwide Audience 0

LONDON, UK – Biba Medical, a leading medical publisher and owner of the world’s leading Charing Cross venous symposium has partnered with the digital medical video media company Medlantis to bring their workshop material to a global digital audience.

“This partnership is another example that medical companies, as well as medical societies, can effectively augment the traditional one-on-one, hands-on lecture experience, into a one-to-many. We can virtually transport thousands of medical students from around the globe into a digital face-to-face educational experience.” explains Andrew Witchell, COO Medlantis.

In the past, the medical community was forced to rely on an in-person approach to training. This limited the number of those educated in the latest medical devices and techniques, as well as having significant cost attached to it for those having to travel to said workshops, lectures or conferences.

In April, 2017 Medlantis joined the two day CX Venous Workshop at the CX Symposium in London, England. The symposium had 4,500 attendees, with 1,100 participating in the CX Venous Workshop, learning about the latest instruments, medical devices and techniques through one-on-one demonstrations as well as group lectures. The content recorded by Medlantis is now being distributed online for worldwide access, broadening the reach and scope of individuals who can learn from the workshops.   This is now a unique, innovative approach that BIBA and Medlantis can offer expert physicians on the lecture circuit and medtech company sponsors of the BIBA event.

The one-on-one demonstrations and group lectures Medlantis recorded at the CX Symposium’s Venous Workshop covered topics such as:

  • ClariVein Mechanochemical Ablation
  • Venovo Venous Stent
  • Mechanicochemical Ablation of Vericose Veins
  • Treating Extensive PTS – The VICI Venous Stent
  • ClosureFast – Truncal Ablation Demonstration

“Charing Cross CX is the world’s leading venous meeting for interventional cardiologists and radiologists.   Our sponsors are the world’s leading medtech device manufacturers.   Medlantis’ unique video approach and platform allows BIBA to expand the impact of speakers and sponsors from one meeting, reaching several hundred participants, to potentially a global audience and thousands of physicians, technologists and medtech sales reps.   We feel BIBA and Medlantis are changing the game in medical conference experience and value.”   Stephen Greenhaulgh, President, BIBA Publishing.

“Medlantis is not just bringing digital content online.   Our portal is specifically designed to highlight short video clips of highest relevance to any physician or medtech sales rep, and alerting them when new clips match their interests.   By using unique chaptering, meta-tagging and search features, Medlantis offers a highly effective viewing experience, giving them access to the material they need faster than other online portals can provide.”   Dr. Kieran Murphy, an interventional radiologist, medtech entrepreneur, and founding Chairman of Medlantis.


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