Canon expands its partnership with Medlantis to add CE accreditation to its CME offering for physicians and technologists in US hospitals 0

TORONTO, Canada – Medlantis Inc., a digital medical video media company serving medical professionals and medical device companies worldwide, announced its growing partnership with Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. Medlantis will add CE (Continuing Education) accreditation for medical technologists to its CME (Continuing Medical Education) program for physicians in hospitals throughout the United States.

When Canon sells diagnostic equipment to a hospital (typically used by interventional radiologists as well as technologists), along with the sale of the equipment they provide accredited education. Thanks to consumer demand and positive feedback from on-demand, digital delivery of accredited courses, Canon has broadened its partnership with Medlantis with the addition of the CE accreditation.    Medlantis has licensed the content from the Association of Vascular and Interventional Radiographers (AVIR), a premiere professional association of its type in the US, and internationally.

“Traditionally you’d have to spend time and money to go to a conference to receive your credits, or use a time-restricted hospital computer. Medlantis’ ability to create and deliver online access to digital video education content allows you to receive your accreditation on-demand, using your laptop or mobile device. This also has the added benefit of being accessible at any time for all staff, not just the usual 10% who are allowed or have the time to attend a particular conference in another state, province or country.” Steve Dubrick VP Education.

Staff at over 50 hospitals throughout the United States now have access to Medlantis, through their partnership with Canon, for CME and CE accredited content.   Canon and Medlantis plan to grow their user base to over 150 hospitals by the end of 2017.


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