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Indications of the Venovo Stent System
Indications of the Venovo Stent System
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Access Points for Various Diseases
Access Points for Various Diseases
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Stenting Procedure - Excess Guide Wire (Use of Balloons)
Stenting Procedure - Excess Guide Wire (Use of Balloons)
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Deciding Factors - Angiogram Stent Length & Diameter
Deciding Factors - Angiogram Stent Length & Diameter
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Venovo Device Features and Difference from Other Systems
Venovo Device Features and Difference from Other Systems
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Venovo Stent Diameters and Flexibility
Venovo Stent Diameters and Flexibility
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Venovo Stent Deployment - Demonstration
Venovo Stent Deployment - Demonstration
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Hello, doctor Graaf you are seeing as. now with... Yeah, let's start with three indications as three groups so first of all these are the ...I think that should really distinguish may turner from corning ...somebody disease and combine maybe mater

we're a cues case so you go with. A dvd that almost always like a hundred-percent of the cases have underlying...maybe be a major ok so. The first location would be a cute get out of traumas them stand underlying compression the cost of the... Second would be the major without.

A congress and the third one is ...promise has been transformed into fibrosis ...the fibrosis. And, there's a small subgroups...that you get maybe ninety percent of the promise out and you got ten percent...he cannot get it out with any meets ...the modern technology then I think is acceptable

to also stand the residual from that's not when it's only tried for like two minutes and you have a small canal four millimeters and understand the whole fresh promise that will be a shame I don't think that that's a good idea but to spend the underlying compression and maybe some small residual ...still...noticed disturbing yes you can also spend that those of us maybe three groups if we...the

When you stop...which access are...which are the most common one of the different diseases ok so that that's very good because with this ...them you can go from anywhere right so you can go to should go from of you can go from justnot...viewbut, you know, it's my experience so what I what I would do and because the length of the different systems you can go from that

you can go from nearby from what I like the most because missed by ...the most control of your system so I would definitely almost go from ...if possible, for example, if you...already happened to excess doesn't make sense to go from many know, you start with you continue with the ...approach but because the system is long enough you can also

from visual processing systems...the eight centimeters long months for the ...accessing from...length one hundred twenty four absolutely, absolutely... the different systems make it make it easier to work with it so but, you have to do now were you getting into so fresh from this all the way up from digital You have to excess but if you do not have...formal conclusion

at all then I would definitely go forth...approach so let's say ...below the...from the brain that ...beautiful puncture side you have very good control very...attributed to you when you want to go anywhere so that's actually my friend so if we...procedure that's assume you've got

excess guide by ad you were able to...the beach so what would be send-me on ...I...always screwing we...shown or

...what is this...different one ...a new...arguing against received, yeah, so, we let's that's start with the idea that we ...out...that you can use and we don't have...and we have to use a...going to do a treat me turn...principally without ...still because this is a compression right and

...we would not make a lot of sense to do ...goes on compression comes back still I do that twice that because we ...we had a compression for a long-time that might be scar location of the location if you look and understand that might not open completely can only quals complications so I always go with the rehabilitation and the atlas gold balloon it's a very.

Strong balloon so there's always discussion is high pressure will this goes really up to sixty...inflated to...without a problem will not rupture unless of course you might have ...disease. That's, you know, maybe classification sometimes...of...I don't said never ...but the experience that I have...brooks is beautifully in middle a

...and...can between votes instead, you know, in... in contrast to...blues that's appropriate because recipes smaller ninety well that the smaller interesting point sometimes and ...that although you why in... With a wire nice recon is can exchange with for very stiff guide wire still sometimes you do not you're not able to get the balloon across have to go to some...boom maybe to open it up but I never go ten twelve fourteen sixteen because I'm afraid ...or something if the balloon sixteen bloom one-eighteen balloon. Those easily ...stop record with six noise into it really doesn't matter rupture as long as

you as you did not do the reorganization, for example, as moments you are in will not see significant rupture is seven eight years of experience and never had a significant option okay so your question do I tend to go directly to a large boon and I think this one this balloon tape is so beautifully on the wire that

it will definitely not be in the most guys will definitely not be able to not be a problem to trends for us that's ...sides...and then you...everything woman understands from healthy to healthy diet everything very thirty you cannot accept an invitation and doing so you absolutely sure that everything's guided and then you can you...go to the next step we speak now

...and...for example, receiving...system? What are you the deciding factor which ten...and...shultz due...injured...the...dying meet on the other healthy size or below our off or what...preference that is there's so many things to say about that so, you can go you come...the other side you can you can estimate that it's okay...this on the right ...normally do also six...the left side however we make

this thing but make it make a distinction between the compression ...compressions there is always small risk with that distant mikes migrates you definitely want to avoid that You need to be accurate with your sizing so you can you can estimate as a static and take the take the normal size... Beyond the level can use...that's even, you know,

more accurate and, based upon that you can defeat. Pick your rights... that's...compression should open size a little bit not too much because you don't want to harm the rain to help you bang shoot oversized little bits that's the that's in the compression okay and, you see you do well with the sixteen or eighteen that location however it where the completely clueless you have to really realize that as note ...well from internal in a...whatsoever the inflow is going to be the outflow doesn't make doesn't make any sense to go with eighteen stand on top and then go to sixty what it's well ...that so it goes out and knowing the time...

Yes, and, I would goal...say one size biggerif you start with a fourteen ...sixteen and that has a reason because at the maternal ...this there's always going to be compressed...notion that's going to be like's always going to be that so the surface area of an oval shaped will be almost the same and sixteen homes and sb fourteen of the coin that's bigger grounds so thereby do not have any obstruction but you also do not have a way

to big occur and,... you know, ...circumstance that...if you don't want

...speak about...what is what and what are the differences to us the absolutely so most of themhave the pimple technique and understand of course this one is just a single hand system. to some ...the big one for slow deployment the small...for... I think that's good that's on there right because sometimes if you want to ...if you...on physician my...go fox I only use the big one I want to be sure I don't want to rush anything I just want to make...the positions ...use this one but you've got two possibilities but you cannot

do anything before you take away this is handle this...system and that ...that's good because you definitely do not want to have the chance to go ...careful take away the lock...different oops. I think that also difference...conventional systems. Every year...and different kinds of

...quickly hands-on... Yeah, so, of course this is not the place that you can put your hands I really do not manipulate too much but you ...a whole here not hold the acting so this is the outer ...the...she's that will not move with the deployments but the rest will but I would like to support is I really hate to do it

too rigidly so I like to have a little bit of the...avoid navigational...yes, and, that's this absolutely rights and this way how you how you should do it you can stabilize a very accurately right so that's important feature...

And, value meters I ...spent time you just between ten and twenty meters links between

sixty and one of six t so if you want to speak a moment what is your impression about implants have flexibility greater ...well first of all this losses for the ...forty I think that's...sometimes very helpful the because overlapping and stance. Is important for let's say two centimeters but you really do not want to have a long open

up that's just due to explain why you're also...shorts not... Only...only for extension in the thing is, you know, you don't use this for me to and I think that's ...of course you got a beautiful flaring and step that will all...but the short understand gets there is a risk of migration and you really do lawn take that was but it is for extension purposes absolutely it's very valuable

than talking about the stand design what I always when I was do is, you know, can you make...shape out of it because I've been done a lot of ...with mri and three-d imaging see directly already at's going to go door somebody windy so ...say this is the l five thirds...and here comes back? From you do not want to...thinking what strengthening yes...this and

...definitely not do that I always play around that like that it can f of f of this and I'mfairly happy. ...imagine you always in eds and also mater are the first bit in the paper so it's can see that on and joe very well that last there and you can maybe you can see the marker...democracy tremendously well, scenes is very radio

...I think that's very important I mean in the just a small a story of know, working in different hospitals you got beautiful rooms now with very good gossipy and you can maybe see them without those strong ...but...still a lot of positions that work with c on one and one day you have a little bit bigger patients, you know, concede well but with these fake...the...has that been over...has you can see

it very well so first of all that the positioning...the ...let's say in and get is very important do not one-plus the opposite ...that's something that we all agree on you do not want to make me aren't this the rights so but with these markers can position effect that ...convince...of a chunk out of deploy perhaps absolutely and, it doesn't do that but what you have so much control with the...

So, I'm completely not afraid of that and I don't see issues with jumping with that so we have stance so especially with the delivery system because stands as one thing but they never system is something else and especially for those that do not intend to...a year I do is extremely important that...system is ...and that's education thank you that you...system and the implants I think it's a good time to stop...volume unlocked you can see the little open lucky our own locked already so I do ...just supported the limits right and then always...and this the big will do ...with right so. ...slowly. Pull back and see if it's still the right position well he comes...

Than others not jumping a soda coming back. And, then...see the flaring in the beginning ...slowly continue I don't I'm not rushing anything I don't need to rush I want to be I want to have to stand exactly at the right position so now you see...opens up this slide the can still maneuver maybe a little bit back...go more proximate

...maybe and then continue until grabs the wall. Right about there now it... And, you can go. And, just...back now you can go to this...on issue. Boys rarity very smoothly you also those don't see any for shortening at this moment anymore.

So, you don't have to care about that ...that missile marker is that's exactly where the spends ...on that so don't have to be afraid...going no. Absolutely that' issue see I don't I don't use dvd small somebody...continue about that all the way to the end then completely,

completely open...I that and then you can retrieve the system. You don't have to be afraid that the system will catch anything ...the stands you can just put it back uncomplicated as well I think that the ...flaring off the stands. And,...that...just opens up very smoothly.

You see up some smoothly...that is a healthy. Brain segments ok so if it doesn't do that then you notice either ...guided miss the nation so I liked that opens up completely goes the rule is something that you should really, really look for...perform. Author was always a new personalization and simply because,

you know, on...would be you cannot be humps...what position in this little bits now ...a my son has some incredible faux...circumstances you can only ...problems it's not a big deal just...knots over the diameter percent what's only build a diameter of the stands andthen this nicely opposition you go to as.

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