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Overview of Societies and Meetings  | AVIR International-IR Sessions at SIR2019 MiddleEast & Africa Focus
Overview of Societies and Meetings | AVIR International-IR Sessions at SIR2019 MiddleEast & Africa Focus
IR in Egypt and Ethiopia | AVIR International-IR Sessions at SIR2019 MiddleEast & Africa Focus
IR in Egypt and Ethiopia | AVIR International-IR Sessions at SIR2019 MiddleEast & Africa Focus
MEET Symposia, MEET IO, MEET Aorta, MEET Stroke | AVIR International-IR Sessions at SIR2019 MiddleEast & Africa Focus
MEET Symposia, MEET IO, MEET Aorta, MEET Stroke | AVIR International-IR Sessions at SIR2019 MiddleEast & Africa Focus
SAFIRE | AVIR International-IR Sessions at SIR2019 MiddleEast & Africa Focus
SAFIRE | AVIR International-IR Sessions at SIR2019 MiddleEast & Africa Focus

thank you all thanks thanks Sam and Kristin and the committee for for inviting us this is actually very exciting so hopefully is the first of an annual kind of part about international IR that we're organizing and in and this year it will be Middle East in Africa we

have an array of experienced IRS that have trained in the u.s. some of them and have practiced and trained a lot of IRS made a lot of IRS in the middle in the Middle East in Africa so we're very very excited about this there's a

general trend and si are right now for outreach so this is actually very this is very kind of consistent with with with the current trend and I'm just gonna give a slight overview for the foot for the whole for the whole Middle

East in Africa as far as geography and then I'll talk a little bit about the meetings and the societies are involved and I'll kind of lead into where everyone is actually gonna talk specifically about certain countries or

societies so without further ado just starting off this is kind of after the map of Africa in the Middle East and there is a large society that's been there for at least 15 years and school pairs is the pan-arab

intervention Radiology society and this is kind of the area that actually covers as far as as far as membership but it's an it's become an international meeting with a lot of attendance from around the world and dr. Shimada is gonna actually

talk a little bit more about about pairs then there's a meeting which is kind of like a guest meetings without it's without a society it's called meet symposia which actually covers the Middle East and including

Turkey and an Persia followed by this is a society called sapphire Society of African intervention radiology and endovascular therapy that actually covers covers covers Africa and these are kind of the three the three main

the three main societies and meetings

next is me talking about Egypt and Ethiopia and how I are how IRS practice in Egypt and Ethiopia and I think feather and Musti is gonna talk a little bit about Ethiopia as well he's got a

lot of experience about in about Ethiopia I chose these two countries to show you the kind of the the the the difference between different countries with within Africa Egypt is the 20th economy worldwide by GDP third largest

economy in Africa by some estimates the largest economy in Africa it's about a hundred million people about a little-little and about thirty percent of the population in the u.s. 15 florist's population worldwide and has

about a little over a hundred ir's right now 15 years ago they had less than ten IRS and fifteen years ago they had maybe two to three IRS at a hundred percent nowadays they're exceeding a hundred IRS so tremendous gross in the last 15 years

in the other hand Ethiopia is a very similar sized country but they only have three to five IRS that are not a hundred percent IRS and are still many of them are under training so there are major differences between countries within

within Africa countries that still need a lot of help and a lot of growth and countries that are like ten fifteen years ahead as far as as far as intervention ready intervention radiology

most of the practice in Ethiopia are basic biopsies drainages and vascular access but there is new workshops with with embolization as well as well as well as vascular access in Egypt the the ir practice is heavily into

interventional oncology and cancer that's the bulk that's the bulk of their of their practices you also get very strong neuro intervention radiology and that's mostly most of these are French trained and not

American trains so they're the neuro IRS in Egypt or heavily French and Belgian trains with with french-speaking influence but the bulk of the body iron that's not neuro is mostly cancer and it involves y9e tastes ablations high-end

ablations there's no cryoablation in Egypt there is high-end like like a nano knife reverse electric race electroporation in Egypt as well but there is no cryo you also get a specialty embolization such as fibroids

prostate and embroiders are big in Egypt they're growing very very rapidly especially prostates hemorrhoids and fibroids is an older one but it's still there's still a lot of growth for fibroid embolization zyou FES in Egypt

there's some portal portal intervention there's a lot of need for that but not a lot of IRS are actually doing portal intervention and then there's nonvascular such as billary gu there's also vascular access a lot of

the vascular access is actually done by nephrology and is not done by not not done by r is done by some high RS varicose veins done by vascular surgery and done by IRS as an outpatient there's a lot of visceral angiography as well

renal and transplants stuff so it's pretty high ends they do not do P ad very few IR s and maybe probably two IR s in the country that actually do P ad the the rest of the P ad is actually endovascular PA DS done by vascular

surgery a Horta is done all by vascular surgery and cardiothoracic surgery it's not done it's not done by IR IR s are asked just to help with embolization sometimes help with trying to get a catheter in a certain area but it's

really run by by vascular surgeons but but most more or less it's it's the whole gamut and I'm going to give you a little example of how things are different that when it comes to a Kannamma 'kz there's no dialysis work

they don't do Pfister grams they don't do D clots the reason for that is the vascular surgeons are actually very good at establishing fishless and they usually don't have a

lot of problems with it sometimes if the fistula is from Beau's door narrowed it's surgically revised they do a surgical thrombectomy because it's a lot cheaper it's a lot cheaper than balloons sheaths and and trying to and try a TPA

is very expensive it's a lot cheaper for a surgeon to just clean it out surgically and resuture it there's no there's no inventory there are no expensive consumables so we don't see dialysis as far as fistula or dialysis

conduits at all in Egypt and that's usually a trend in developed in developed countries next we'll talk

briefly about meet symposia meet symposia is basically a group of meetings or symposia there's meet IO

which is interventional oncology meet a Horta which is a auric work and vascular disease as well as meet stroke which is neuro IR as well as vascular vascular embolization for neuro as well super vascular disease there have been three

annual meetings held in January of every year this is kind of the physician attendance there with a large number of speakers half of these speakers 50 50 of these speakers lasts here three months ago were from were from the u.s. from

the USA they are this meeting is endorsed and supported with presence of leadership from guests from spectrum that's another meeting in the u.s. from SAR with a collaborative meeting as well as iMac which is a Middle Eastern

heavily Egyptian a or tech a or tech meet meeting for for aortic disease next

is sapphire which is Society of African invention radiology the Society was declared at meet symposia in January 2017 and in January 2018

is the first business meeting of in Cairo and then in January 2019 there's another business meeting in Cairo and the next meeting is actually going to be a joint meeting in with saint's which is the South African intervention radiology

Society in Johannesburg in October 2020 with Charles which I'm sure Charles will sanyika representing South Africa will will will talk about we get a lot of support from si are a lot of stimulating and good conversations with si our

leadership as far as as far as how do how to establish a IR society with within it in a developing continent that needs a needs a lot of help and needs varying degrees of help as I talked to you about the difference kind of between

Egypt and Ethiopia a country that has a hundred IR s still way behind the US as far as the ratio to population but has a hundred IR s compared to a country the same size that has three to five by ours and so it's it's a very very variable

the challenges with with Africa is that there's very big variation between one country and the other I think that the the most developed ones would be countries in my opinion would be from what I've learned is Egypt Tunisia and

South Africa and not and not in that particular not in that particular order and that's it and we're excited we're excited to talk about this and just give you a very brief overview of all these societies and these organizations and

meetings thank you [Applause]

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