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Radiology in Algeria | IR In Algeria, UAE - PAIRS Meeting
Radiology in Algeria | IR In Algeria, UAE - PAIRS Meeting
IR in the UAE | IR In Algeria, UAE - PAIRS Meeting
IR in the UAE | IR In Algeria, UAE - PAIRS Meeting
The PAIRS Society (Pan Arab Interventional Radiology Society) | IR In Algeria, UAE - PAIRS Meeting
The PAIRS Society (Pan Arab Interventional Radiology Society) | IR In Algeria, UAE - PAIRS Meeting
Concluding Comments on IR in Algeria and the UAE | IR In Algeria, UAE - PAIRS Meeting
Concluding Comments on IR in Algeria and the UAE | IR In Algeria, UAE - PAIRS Meeting

good afternoon everyone so I have the big task about talk about IR in Algeria and UAE and couple words about the past meeting so my name is Hoshino bada I'm intervention ideologies I joined the unit in Abu Dhabi almost 5 years ago so I think everybody's familiar now with

the African continent so Algeria between Morocco and Tunisia so it's a bit difficult or bother the iron algea because it's a very very early stage and these couple numbers give you an idea about the the landscape

readiness came health care system over there we have about 850 CT scanners 250 MRI for about 144 hundred one thousand four hundred forty thousand radiologists if you compare between Morocco they have almost 700 and 800 in Tunisia and about

2700 radiographers but only twelve IR people two of them performing your IR as well so one of the main issue it is not as social IR curriculum over there and there's not even a chapter of any intervention society that can help to

promote as a platform to promote the IR program however on the other hand they have a very dynamic and very active society of radiology and actually they are performing a really lot of work by doing a lot of meetings worktop hands-on

workshop all over the year all over the year absolutely and in the last four or five years they also introduced IR in their in their meetings and so exposed to the the young residents and and radiologists it triggers as some some

momentum about IR over there and so some of them went to in Europe together had trained fellowship and they came back to our Jaso even there's a small number of IR over there they are only fully trained in Europe with a with a good

quality so but of course the number is very small so a lack of IR that means some some people have to do the work and the classic thing happens like the Ignacio is going to perform some of the procedure which means biopsies drainages

or the video intervention and some somehow some ablation therapies in very limited centers and if you look at the vascular access or the Lions barakatuh performed by almost everybody radiologists cardiologists surgeons even

anesthesiologist there's not enough people to do in a foursome it's ornery Rogers doing the first time it's the only area when it's 100% I would say imaging people is definitely regarding Western intervention from diagnostic

tool to biopsy to intervention so if you look at the vascular interventional quite similar what well said in in in Egypt so the vascular stuff is doing by IR however all the outer condition that performs swiftly by vascular surgeon but

nowadays summer some changes because they are facing some issues essentially though they do send graft they don't have to do they don't know how to deal with the unduly so there's more and more kind of through there I'll reconsider

the need for collaboration with IR and they start to really have some some bridge all together to fulfill the complication and issue they might and control in their practice so the only optimistic things now in Algeria is that

there is definitely a big Werner's at the level of the old age about creating a really implementing a training program for IR and the actually they are trying really to to initiate and start that so working progress that the Society of

international urology over there so there is hope about the future in terms of implementing this type of program and before moving into the UAE just a small comment I know you do a co2 injection in your daily practice just give you an

idea about that so this was pioneered by a giant team in the late 60s and early 70s so this is this work was performed a couple years before the work of Hawkins actually Hawkins always reference the Algerian team about about that so now we

move to the UAE

and so indeed the the national complete different we have only 17 IR but they are all very well trained even from from the US or from from Europe and they are like in about 10 major hospitals so a

very comprehensive program over there with its vascular nonvascular a lot of neural intervention either a big Hawk center actually in our Institute and the private specs are not very powerful we can find of course

Vasco start working without IR and performing all the end of us for position as well but we with the low volume I would say so what happens also in in the last dickhead in UAE is that the government decided to reshape

rebuild the healthcare system one of the important thing that they made their partner with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in the US and and they were mu bada with a big government entity over there in terms of a very powerful

entity and they decide to perform and to to establish the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi so to give you an idea this is the hospital into the island they built the island the hospital within seven years so again just given Aviva the weather is

very big company with 100 000 employees and mother had cage only one small aspect of this entity so we establish in a kind of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi model because we start from scratch we are very lucky because there was no we

tried to avoid the turf battles over there so we we kind of have an integrated care model with the multi simply approaches are written implemented and this helped us a lot because I is in the or which means

behind the red line so everything is hybrid rooms with table dedicated to two or as well and I know how to go to all the details but it helped us a lot to establish a very lot of hybrid procedures whether it's a vascular

surgery drastic surgery urology and so on so now we would like to finish and

talk about the the the pair society the panel of international radio show society that was initially establishing in 2016 the last five years a big

momentum that this this additional a society and meeting increased a lot one one of the the good thing that happens is that the reshape of the the the society in a way there created a permanent scientific committee with the

local people international people as well they have a natural psychic materials on another program chair and the tasks will share about all these people to optimize and maximize and have a very successful meeting and to give

you an idea about the meeting because we are in the region not be focused session we have very comprehensive programs you can show all the highlights whether it's introversion oncology or tech interventions

amortization CL is Venus form forum HIPAA Tori intervention also a completely separate the neural I attract and also track that all the people because the population of reduces over there they are long to have a QA they

have to have interaction we have to have different formats from penalization in case the discussion workshop hands-on workshop and even meet the expert kind of cover sessions so they were very very attractive but these kind of things and

this helped us a lot to tube have a successful meeting actually and the last few years was so implemented some live cases last year it were like post-acute rehabilitation from Lisbon or to confession from Paris and this year we

have live cases entertained from my McCatty Vascular Institute by cats and in his team in in Miami and even Benenati was already in Dubai with the local in intervention geologist so just quick quick overview but the situation

here to give in five years the trend and the increase of the attendance out of this meeting from 500 in 2015 to almost 1 600 this year which means about 30 percent increment every year and so this meeting is we have it in Dubai once a

year we have also another meeting that happens in North Africa we call the pace workshop the purpose is to have like a French beacon also adding these over there such a mix between French and English over there and to have a

contribution for all the people in in the scope of interventional radiology so more the another thing that the sauce is very happy about they were able to cure studies their own journal and this represent definitely another as another

tool for the younger I are in the region and before finishing out have you some

statement about the flavor I get by working in in in the regional of almost 5 years so if you look at what's happening over there in the Middle East

I mean if you're any market analysis reports you can read there is the huge growth in North America it was primarily driven by the fact we are dealing with chronic disease and aging population although in the middle

is the population is very you know much much younger there's a huge prevalence of diabetes obesity and kidney disease which means at the end of the day we are dealing with the same provision of patient even we have with a completely

different approach if you look at the whu-oh reports we have 422 million with diabetes in the worldwide 43 million in the eastern region region almost 1 million in one one one country which is the UAE so you have an idea about what

how the impact of this in a nine million population so definitely the importance of IR in the management of those patient is replaceable and very important in the region another thing that would like to relate to to share with you but being

involved in in the in working in in this region for almost 5 years and been involving this meeting are really witnesses and am president momentum from young international in the whole region it was a very refreshing for me to see

actually that in many region they have initiated more than that they have completely established high quality program in the respect countries in the region and purse is the really the thing I see about it now it's it's becoming

not only available tool but an app completely established platform to really promote the highest under IR in the region and first collaboration between the people in the region or also at the international level I want to

finish with just one last comment about what's happening in terms of the population so first of all many invasive techniques is something that are very important for the position over there and because they Google all the time

they are really focusing on having the active that they want to be completely informed about the most modern treatment option and there are actively seeking not only what's going to happen but they all ask about the outcomes and this is

the type of population we are we are dealing with over there they are really ruling about the outcomes and to finish with that just give you an idea if a patient has for example a BP age he go to scenario ologist and sometimes they

can refuse to sure because they read about PAE and they are zero should have a BAE and this is affecting us very positively actually thank you [Applause]

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