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The Impact of Twitter on Our Specialty | Twitter Case Files: Impact on our specialty and how to expand our reach
The Impact of Twitter on Our Specialty | Twitter Case Files: Impact on our specialty and how to expand our reach
Extending Our Reach | Twitter Case Files: Impact on our specialty and how to expand our reach
Extending Our Reach | Twitter Case Files: Impact on our specialty and how to expand our reach

hi everyone I'm so excited to be here my name's Michelle mana B's I am a UT Houston fourth-year resident and I'll be headed to Yale for AI our fellowship in the fall and I'm happy to start us off this afternoon with the impact of Twitter on our specialty in how we can

expand our reach and so just a little bit about the platform that we've all chosen Twitter's a micro blog 280 characters for fewer images and short-form videos what this says to me is this is perfectly tailored for our

fast-paced highlights only major learning point objective when sharing about our favorite subject and just to give a little bit of perspective in 2018 206 users had hashtag irad in their bio so they were irad users right and March

of just this year we have over 1400 a few more stats for you so these are from just last week so a total of seven days we have 500 total tweets with hashtag irad and as we are an image-based specialty obviously the text with the

tweets with just attacks are not very many and but what I wanted to point out I'm really proud of there are 78 original contributors and 71 percent of those tweets were retweets so there's 78 people putting the

information out there and the rest of us are doing a really good job supporting them so what is Twitter done for our specialty three major points networking education awareness and collaboration so I'm a little more familiar with

Instagram so I have over a hundred twenty thousand followers on Instagram and so so this is not as familiar to me right and when I joined Twitter last year sar I had one follower and it was my mom and

I so I posted this on my Instagram I said I just have one Twitter follower what could I do help right and just over a year here we are the most recent stats of my page had significantly grown and that just speaks volumes on how much

we've grown together expanded growing evolved as a community and a presence on social media and I have 964 friends now if you're not friends with me let's be friends right now

oh and so next education and awareness so this page the interventional initiative if you are not following I suggest highly suggest you look into it so this is a nonprofit organization that increases awareness for minimally

invasive procedures their graphics are really patient friendly really easy to understand and this is the first thing you see when you go onto their website so if a patient were to just go on and say why how'd you know something my

doctor said something's wrong with my lungs is there a minimally invasive procedure for that most likely yes and all they have to do is just tap on the organ system that they identify with and they have an easy explanation of the

procedure that they're about to get or a procedure that they might be interested in and a finally collaboration and one of my favorite hashtags that really exemplifies this is hashtag leave your specials here at the door and I met dr.

Sabet I set this year and it unites as more as a disciplinary multidisciplinary group more than just this is my patient it is all of our patient and how can we work together to make sure that our patients have the best outcome and so we

are identifying more as patient centered and not specialty Center and so this is a really good positive aspect of collaboration between specialties and another aspect that I really love collaboration in a way that we get to

break down boundaries geographic boundaries right meet people that we necessary wouldn't get to meet be friends with people we wouldn't be friends with other Hawaiians and have a little fun do we have audio for this oh

darn well pretend Full House is playing in the back and we're are gonna we're gonna watch the whole thing it's so much cooler with the south kid so just you know bringing some fun you are especially doesn't always have

to be cases and always have to be serious and to show that we're humans too and so finally I want to speak a

little bit about extending our reach so how can we tap into a population that were not necessarily tapping into

currently and the two populations I wanted to speak about we're medical students and patients so when this last match almost 40 000 seniors applied for the match and that's just the seniors we have first second and third years and

these people are already a part of the medical community they already understand our jargon so this is going to be a really easy transition for us so how do we do that by tailoring on posts in a way that they can understand and

that would be useful to them so here's a really good recent post I think it was just a couple days ago and this gives a clinical scenario it gives us four images that we can make a diagnosis we can ask them Anatomy I think that's a

great medical student question just taking off all the identifiers and putting on ABCD what are these things asking what is the next step those things are really valuable questions to ask for medical students and to get more

involvement I'm just a suggestion and the caption we could say tagged someone who might know the answer or do you know someone who would be interested in this so just getting people to move in a shake and interact it's also really

important and to extend our reach to patients so more and more patients want to play a more active role in their care and we should meet patients on platforms that they already used so we are literally placing the information at

their fingertips so they're scrolling through our feed or through their feed they'll see information about disease processes and our procedures and with that we want to tailor it do it in a different way educate them in a

different way than we would for medical students right they can get lost in the details of a case or procedures we want to do this in a more broad sense starting off with maybe dress symptoms or we're just starting off with symptoms

and here's a good example so the eye eye has this mips can open blocked blood vessels in the legs without a scalpel so you can get back into the swing of things learn more at the i i'd org so a couple

of things about this post it gives you one symptom maybe just one thing that their doctor told him that they had that's it and then it tells you this procedure is minimally invasive it's without a scalpel it's not scary yeah

and then it tells it gives you a call to action go to this website to learn more perfectly tailored quick hit and they can see it as they're scrolling through their feet before bed and if we want to extend our reach we want to make sure

that people see our posts so posting time it really matters so take a look at the dips right from 12 a.m. to 1 a.m. who's on twitter and no one probably just the night shift so you don't want to you know post at that time um but if

you think about who you want to reach what is your population so if we're trying to reach each other we're usually done with our first case around what 10 or 11 right unless you're really fast 830 so if when we're done with our cases

we take a break we take a sip of water and then we check our phones so that would be a good time 10 or 11 for us to post if you're reaching your patient the first time they get a break is maybe lunchtime so think about posting at noon

and finally linking your platform so if you're on multiple avenues of social media think about cross promotion so someone that uses Twitter 50% of those users are also using Instagram so you can link it to it maybe put a story

on your post and say hey guys I'm talking about DVTs in my Twitter post today go check it out other avenues Facebook YouTube Pinterest LinkedIn there's a high concurrent use of users with all of these platforms so really

take advantage of that so in conclusion Twitter is broaden the horizons of our specialty and the benefits will continue to unfold and expand and I really encourage us to continue building community support each other's posts and

work to expand our reach thank you [Applause]

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