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what I think we'd like to tell you guys I hope you guys got a good understanding of what we're doing out there what we're seeing I don't know I don't know if we know how long the social media part of this is gonna last I'm on Twitter or last the next social media platform or

the next virtual thing because we're always trying to get away from actually talking to people apparently maybe we've come back to that maybe we'll just art having like real people's circles or something but in the process I think

what we encourage you guys to do is get more involved in it in your places you know start showing cases come up with things that you can do to encourage our society and you know people do like dances I think Bream does a dumb shit

you guys have some kind of dance between your text and nurses and I post it every challenge yeah the triangle dance we were thing about doing like another ice bucket challenge of some sort or something like that I don't know but

come up with something and start posting and be more involved I thought these were cool ones that we did in the past and you know what's important is that what's interesting is that you see the number of likes whatever but you don't

really see the this is how you find out how Peter was getting all his impressions and all that which is clearly much better than most first but what does it all mean I don't really know it's just cool so I get creative

that was I took the clot that I removed and made a word out of it so I thought that was cool we keep coming up with new things to do and that guy when I did that apparently people liked it not the fact that the cool case of the lay they

cared more about the clot pieces but come up with something new anything you can do to encourage the feel anything you can do to not get into conflicts don't start liking weird things get a create a burner account for that but you

know just find ways to encourage field and reach out to us and we've all become friends and I think through all this we can all grow our society together but thanks a lot for spending your time with us and we think it means this but really

it probably just means most of us are high-fiving each other take care guys [Applause]

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