What happened when we “watched” 800, 20-minute clinical videos 0

Do you have time to sort through over 800, 20-minute long, clinical videos?

We don’t!
 And when we asked other Doctors, Nurses, Technologists, Sonographers, Residents, Students, etc… They didn’t either.
(800 is the approximate number of videos medical society will produce over a week-long medical conference, by the way.)

So we took the videos…


.. and transcribed everything
 so that we could find the information that mattered. Then we made each transcript entirely click-able.

and chopped them up into short, vital, clips.

By splitting it up into chapters and cases, we could get right to the spots that mattered in each video.

Then we added a blazing-fast 

So we could drill-down on what we cared about, like device, procedure, research study, etc, and answer questions like “Who else has lectured on DVT?”

And fed it all through a relevancy engine.

To make sure everyone would be recommended just the best clips for them.  Think “serve,” not “search.”

Then we grouped them into Playlists

To provide you with full videos, or topical lists of clips. You’ll soon be able to create your own and get alerted on new clips that fit your playlist.  It’s the easiest way to stay up-to-date on what lecturers around the world are saying (coming soon).

Have a search for yourself

Vital Video

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