I realized international medical teaching was phenomenally inefficient – The Medlantis Origin Story 0

My name is Kieran Murphy.  I’m a doctor; I teach radiology and I invent medical devices.  I’m an Interventional Neuroradiologist, I have sixty-five patents, and my devices are used around 60,000 times a year. Over the years I’ve had the honour of teaching hundreds of radiology residents from around the world.

I’m from Ireland originally, then practiced for twenty years in the U.S.. I trained in New York at the University of Michigan and then ten years at Johns Hopkins as Head of Interventional Neuroradiology.  Then, I moved to Canada as Vice-chair and Deputy Chief of the Department at the University Health Network (Toronto General, Princess Margaret) in Toronto.  While there, I built UHN’s international department and over four years led our teaching and educational programs with many countries in the Middle East.

It was through that experience that I realized international medical teaching was phenomenally inefficient.

Everywhere I taught, access to teaching was different for each physician I met. I witnessed doctors from different countries, working shoulder-to-shoulder with the same patients, forced to draw from vastly different educational resources, often unable to receive education from where they work.

I noticed this everywhere.  This bothered me morally.

I decided to democratize our efforts and create an online teaching platform, Medlantis, to share medical teaching based on the World Health Organization’s Hinari classification of countries.  This makes Medlantis’ educational products effectively free to healthcare professionals in 73 countries, and at low cost to another 49 countries as of 2017.

So if you come from a country at the lower WHO Hinari ranking, Medlantis provides you free access; if you come from Germany or Saudi Arabia, for example, you pay a modest fee.

To date, I’ve focused on radiology-based teachings as this is where my specialty lies.  I now find myself in the humbling position to broaden our subject matter as others are reaching out to us offering to make their teachings available on Medlantis.  My students represent the next generation of healthcare professionals, and they expect digital and on-demand access to relevant teaching.  I intend to continue to improve Medlantis in the expectation of being a life-long resource for them.



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