Fact Sheet

Company Name: Medlantis Inc.
Location: Toronto, ON., Canada
Founded: 2011
Website: medlantis.org
Press / Business contact: Andrew Witchell
Phone: +1 (416) 668-4350

Twitter @medlantis
Facebook facebook.com/medlantis.org

Vital Video
Accredited Courses

Distribution (July 2017):
91 Hospitals
Countries (Top 5): United States, Canada, Ghana, United Kingdom, India

University Health Network (UHN)
University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine
University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR)
Association of Vascular and Interventional Radiographers (AVIR)
Charing Cross CX Symposium (Biba Medical)
Veith Symposium
West Coast Imaging Conference (WCIC)
Surgical Training Institute (STI)
Toshiba America Medical Systems (TAMS)
The Holvan Group Patient Education

CME: AMA PRA Category 1 Credits
CE: AART Category A+

Dr. Kieran Murphy
Andrew Witchell
Julia Greig


We're Netflix + ResearchGate for Medical Video.

What we do

Deep-mining medical video.

We data mine & match 1000's of hours of medical lectures, cases, procedures, workshops, and demonstrations from the world's top medical societies.

Then match that information to a Healthcare Professional's interests and preferences to help them vastly improve the return on their enormous effort invested in staying clinically current.

Given today's speed and volume of change in medical and clinical technology and associated patient-outcomes, we deliver the best clinical & medical video matches, in real-time, to a healthcare professional's device of choice; mobile, tablet, or desktop.


To help solve the projected 12.9 million shortage of Healthcare Professionals worldwide.  Medlantis products are available for free to healthcare professionals from Hinari Group A countries. 

Read more: I realized international medical teaching was phenomenally inefficient – The Medlantis Origin Story


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Products & Solutions

Vital Video

Launched: August 2017
website: app.medlantis.org


Data mining of 1000's of hours of medical lectures, cases, procedures, workshops, and demonstrations from the world's top medical societies, matched to healthcare professionals, viewed on their mobile device.



Data mining allows us to identify all the points-of-interest within a video, and highlight those points as chapters. We mine each video for the following meta-data (non-exhaustive):

  • Fulltext, time encoded, transcript
  • Society
  • Year
  • Session Title
  • Speaker
  • Lecture Title
  • Disclosures
  • Case Title
  • Presenting Complaint
  • Case Start Time
  • Case End Time
  • Case Length
  • Patient Gender
  • Age
  • Diagnosis
  • First Line Therapy
  • Second Line therapy (if 1st failed)
  • Device type
  • Device Trademarked Name
  • Off-label Use Discussed?
  • Device Company Name
  • Other branded products used
  • Therapeutic / Diagnostic / or Both
  • Was there Audience Response (poll the audience formally or informally)?
  • Audience Response Time Stamp

We run keyword, contextual, and sentiment analysis to ensure each chapter is tagged appropriately.  We then match content to users based on their preferences and finally distribute that content through Medlantis' proprietary Vital Video desktop and mobile web-app and alert engine.



  • searchable and filterable
  • predictive search
  • 100s of new vital videos and case studies every month
  • transcription search - starts you in the video at the exact point of your search result
  • Click-and-watch transcriptions - click on transcription to skip forward or backward
  • Read full-text transcriptions
  • Pre-highlighted cases
  • Share interesting vital videos with other medical professionals
  • Share interesting vital videos with company colleagues
  • Have vital videos automatically recommended to you based on your interests
  • fully responsive - works on any device
  • thumbnail video view for easy searching through a video
  • 2x video playback to watch long videos more quickly
  • Lecturer Anylitics - see which actual time segments within your talk are being watched, liked, and shared
  • Video engagement analytics- know what parts of videos are actually being watched
  • HD videos
  • No Download required
  • Learning Management System integration
  • Enterprise Single Sign On
  • Content Delivery Network to distribute all over the world across all devices





Vital Video Dashboard

Clip View

Vital Video Clip View


Search Results


Product Videos


Dash & Recommendations

Viewing experience

Search and Filter

Accredited Courses

Launched: June 2013
website: learn.medlantis.org


Accredited Continuing Medical Education for Radiology Healthcare Professionals.



Medlantis Accredited Courses provides online access to high quality, accredited, and contemporary professional and student education materials.
We feature hundreds of instructional modules from our roster of practitioners and researchers, accredited by both the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), including full presentation slides, Q & A, and ancillary reading.

The Editor and Executive Producer is Dr. Kieran Murphy, an accomplished interventional radiologist and thought leader in the world of medical imaging. He is a professor of radiology at the University Health Network, Toronto.  Read his full bio here.

Medlantis Accredited Courses includes content from Thieme eRadiology. Thieme is an award-winning international medical and science publisher serving health professionals and students for more than 125 years.  

WHO-HINARI-eligible groups and individuals are encouraged to join for free or at preferred rates.



  • American Medical Association (AMA) accredited: AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ CME
  • American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) accredited: ARRT Category A+ Credits CE
  • 178 Accredited courses
  • Over 3,000 interactive case studies
  • 153 e-books
  • Over 100,000 images
  • Rich Student Environment
  • Clear student progress indicators
  • Unlimited replays of course material
  • Easy course navigation through chapters and lessons
  • Resume on any device, including mid-video
  • Optimized for all devices; mobile, tablet, or laptop



Accredited Dashboard 1

Dashboard 2

Dashboard 2

Responsive Design

Accredited Responsive Design

High Quality Speakers & Topics

High Quality Speakers & Topics

Product Video

Who We Serve

Experienced Medical Professionals...

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Technologists
  • Fellows
  • Residents
  • Residency Program Directors
  • Hospital Administrators

Who experience an event like...

  • new product innovation
  • changing patient populations, increases in certain presenting complaints and associated therapies 
  • unable to attend a medical society meeting due to distance, time, cost, etc.
  • a requirement to update their professional credits
  • rounds of new interns
  • need to update standard operating procedures 
  • new & changing regulatory requirements
  • prepare for a new round in their residency
  • prepare to write their next board exam

and need to...

  • stay abreast of current information from other expert doctors in the field
  • understand how a new device will affect procedural workflow and associated patient outcomes
  • review results of studies optimizing for patient outcomes and reducing complications and readmissions
  • review the economic benefits of a new product or procedural innovation
  • review recent updates to a procedure
  • meet an expectation to provide more online content to co-workers
  • Match information delivery to meet recent understandings in adult learning methodology
  • review multiple real-world cases of a certain procedure or disease
  • review cases from the perspective of the different experts within the field

Medical Device Industry Professionals...

  • C-Suite executives
  • Product, Sales, & Marketing Executives
  • Medical and Clinical Science Liaisons
  • Training Managers
  • Clinical Trial Leads
  • Junior to Veteran Sales Representatives
  • Healthcare Economics researchers

Who experience an event like...

  • pipeline development
  • new product launch
  • company and/or product-line acquisition
  • emerging market expansion
  • change in market-share
  • updated trials, clinical studies, and research outcomes affecting a product line
  • change from Fee-for-Service to Outcomes-Based reimbursement models
  • upcoming National Sales Meeting
  • upcoming Exhibitor or Sponsorship at a Medical Society meeting
  • training new hires
  • meeting with a new Doctor for the first time
  • follow-up communication with a Doctor

and need to...

  • stay current with documented evidence of improved patient outcomes
  • understand real-world perceptions of their products as compared to competitors in the minds of the physician community
  • research a competitive product line
  • be alerted to new information quickly
  • communicate the impact of new information to stakeholders efficiently
  • increase the frequency and quality of updates to training materials 
  • improve the ability of sales and marketing teams to communicate effectively
  • meet an expectation to provide more online content to co-workers
  • match information delivery to meet recent understandings in adult learning methodology

Medical Societies & Symposiums...

  • Expert lecturers & mentors
  • Board of Directors
  • Executive Administration
  • Membership

Who experience an event like...

  • increasing collaboration amongst medical specialties
  • increasing demand for expert lecturers from around the world
  • increasing international demand
  • increasing demand for digital communities
  • increasing demand for digital content
  • changing membership demographics
  • increasing demand for digital promotion from industry sponsorship

and need to...

  • engage with a tech savvy generation of medical professionals from around the world 
  • digitally promote their educators
  • increase their digital presence & brand
  • provide real-time viewer & engagement statistics to their Lecturers, Sponsors, Board, and Executives
  • understand real-time trends in medical topics-of-interest from their members 
  • provide members a digital accredited course platform

Executive Team and Bios

Julia Greig BASc.


Julia completed her bachelor’s in applied science at Queen’s University for computer engineering and is the lead software & technical developer for Medlantis. Julia has previously founded her own health technology startup through StartupNext, backed by Google for Entrepreneurs, Techstars, Global Accelerator Network and Startup Weekend.  She manages all of the technical aspects of the product deliverables and software platform, including developing back-end infrastructure, content management, front-end interfacing and user experience design. Julia’s in-depth experience working directly with clients allows her to bridge the gap between the needs of the client and the solution provided by Medlantis, constantly evolving the product to fit perfectly with each customer.

Steven Dubrick MEd.


Leveraging his 15 years of senior leadership experience in education, educational consulting, and a Masters degree in Education, Steve infuses pedagogy and best learning practices into the elite content and technology at Medlantis to ensure that medical professionals, medical device companies, and medical institutions maximize their learning and engagement. He works closely with clients to customize and individualize their educational design, to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their training programs, in order to increase the return on their investment, their return on effectiveness, and to decrease their cost base.

Prior to working at Medlantis, Steve worked in leadership roles in education for fifteen years; leading pedagogy, applying best learning practices, “how the brain learns”, and adult learning thoery. Holding a Master’s degree in Education, he has developed significant experience in all areas of leadership from business development to board governance and believes that success in any organization is based on the quality of the relationships we develop.

Andrew Witchell MBA


Andrew brings over 17 years of sales, marketing, product management, and business development leadership for growth phase technology companies where he has focused on developing and executing product and marketing strategies from product-to-market fit to steady, scalable, revenue.  He graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2004 with a combined degree in finance, administration, and computer science and worked several years for technology firms, leading software development and technology deployment projects across cultures and continents (India, Europe, NA), and has earned his Project Managment Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM) designations.  In two cases, he has helped to grow his division from < 1M$ to ~5M$ in annual revenue, the latest case while earning his MBA from Queen’s University (Smith) School of Business.

He has led a volunteer technology consulting project for World Vision Swaziland, been invited to judge multiple startup-up pitch competitions, been invited to lecture at the Queen’s Venture Network and the Queen’s (Smith) School of Business MBA program, has taught Marketing Fundamentals at McMaster University, has kids, is a cyclist, plays some guitar, has restored a 1982 Honda motorcycle, and is rebuilding a 1976 MG Midget.

Andrew builds high-performing teams that gain and grow market traction by deeply understanding the problem and crafting exceptional customer experiences that solve challenges in ways that are different enough and that matter enough for people to truly salivate over, and engage with.

John Soloninka MBA


John has over 27 years of experience in medical technology consulting and company formation, growth, and management. He graduated from Queen’s University in engineering physics in 1981 and worked several years in aerospace engineering before earning an MBA, with distinction, from the University of London in England in 1986. Over his career, he has led major projects in health system transformation, biopharma/device development and regulation, health IT, disease management, clinical trials, clinical genomics and venture capital for Price Waterhouse, Soloninka and Associates and IBM. Mr. Soloninka was a founder, senior executive and leader in startup companies in oncology, radiology and electronic medical records (EMR) and clinical trials that were variously sold to US firms Varian Medical Systems, Merge Technologies and Assistmed.

He has held the President and CEO role of HTX, and is currently a director and advisory board member of CIMTEC (the Centre for Imaging Technology and Commercialization), the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI), HTX, EXCITE, CHWP (Connected Health and Wellness Project), DFATD Life Sciences, Baycrest Centre and Baycrest Research Advisory Committee (RAC).



Professor Murphy graduated in 1986 from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, completing residency and a neuroradiology fellowship at the University of Michigan, and an interventional neuroradiology fellowship at the University of Geneva. He was then recruited by Johns Hopkins University to lead the Division of Interventional Neuroradiology from 1998 to 2008. He has started six medical device companies, two in France and four in the US. He has authored over 165 peer-reviewed publications, published several textbooks and mentored over 50 residents and fellows. He is the Scientific Chair of the Annual Society of Interventional Radiology meeting in 2010 and the recipient of the SIR innovator of the year award in 2015.

At UHN, Professor Murphy is tasked with the mentorship of clinical faculty at the Techna Research Institute, developing a culture of innovation, incubation and entrepreneurial behaviour in the Techna faculty. His devices are used 60,000 times per year worldwide. His hobbies include medical device development, race car driving and taking things apart. He is Editor in Chief and founder of the multimedia radiology education platform Medlantis.org.