Medlantis and Abbott Endovascular host talk about the digital evolution of medical device education at the 8th Semi-Annual Medical Device & Diagnostic Sales Training & Development conference 0

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – At the 8th Semi-Annual Medical Device & Diagnostic Sales Training & Development conference hosted by Q1 Productions, Medlantis along with Abbott Endovascular presented current understanding, new discoveries, and expertise around blended learning techniques and the evolution of digital medical education.

Dr. Kieran Murphy, Founder of Medlantis, introduced the advantages of blended learning, a combination of new, online digital media, coupled with traditional classroom techniques, to an audience of medical device sales trainers during the conference. Through multiple types of digital deliveries of educational material, which included mobile, eLearning, and gamification, the results were higher student retention, time saving capabilities for both the instructor and the learner, as well as examples of cost-effectiveness not capable in traditional face-to-face learning environments.

Abbott detailed their own experience, having gone from primarily a face-to-face learning environment, to adopting blended learning as their preferred method for their sales teams.

Most device companies, especially in the medical field, are still primarily using expensive, time-consuming face-to-face meetings and education environments.

Since most new hires are ‘tech savvy’ and are comfortable with digital interaction for communication as well as education, the move from a face-to-face environment to a digital platform should be an easy transition for those in the education sector.

Andrew Witchell, VP Product Development and Marketing, highlighted the need for companies to go a step further with digital eLearning and blended technology, by ensuring a mobile option is available for education.   “In many countries, the primary digital device isn’t a laptop, but a mobile phone. So access to eLearning and digital solutions to education in a mobile environment in countries around the world isn’t an ‘add-on’ or a bonus, but an essential part in education, ” said Witchell.

“The focus moving forward for Medlantis is not only to supply cutting-edge technological services for blended learning, but also to provide increased awareness of the benefits, cost-effectiveness, and inevitable conclusion that digital learning needs to be adopted by medtech companies worldwide. With the rash of mergers, acquisitions, and new product roll-outs, companies focused on periodic, face-to-face training will lose to competitors committed to digital platforms, and able to roll out training in near real time. It’s now not only the most effective and practical teaching method, but the preferred one for millennial students because that is the world in which they are most accustomed to operating and learning.” Steve Dubrick, VP Education, Medlantis.


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