Medlantis is partnering with Cook Medical 0

TORONTO, Canada – In a new and strategic move forward, Cook Medical has joined forces with Medlantis with a plan to digitize the onboarding of new sales representatives in their interventional radiology division.

The initiative will transform the delivery of Cook Medical’s educational material into digital format using Medlantis’ digital media platform. The result will bring Cook Medical’s information not only into the online world, but also to mobile devices, both android and iOS.

Cook Medical has been hiring new sales representatives consistently every quarter to support growing consumer needs. During the previous quarter, they invited Medlantis to test their digital pilot program with Cook Medical’s new hires. Based on the success of the pilot, Cook Medical committed to Medlantis’ new digital version of the curriculum, which has been consolidated with the full thirteen-week program for all future new hires.

“The Medlantis team is very knowledgeable and experienced in education, instructional design, and technology application.  They have helped guide us toward a more thoughtful and engaging training program for our newly hired sales people.  The program enhancements have been customized to fit our needs and provide a more dynamic user experience that positively impacts content retention.” explained Mark Schleihs, Training Manager, Interventional Radiology, Cook Medical

Medlantis plans on continuing delivering digital solutions to medtech companies who recognize the need to evolve with changing markets in information and educational technology.

“I would give Mark, Dennis, and the team at Cook Medical a lot of credit for consistently embracing new technology. It’s a really innovative team to work with, and we are excited that they are one of the early strategic adopters of Medlantis’ solutions.” Andrew Witchell, Medlantis’ VP Product Development and Marketing


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