New partnership between Medlantis and the West Coast Imaging Conference 0

TORONTO, Canada The West Coast Imaging Conference (WCIC) and Medlantis have teamed up in a new, educational partnership that will take WCIC’s content to a potentially global audience through Medlantis’ online delivery system.

WCIC delivers education on the latest in Medical Imaging and Interventional Radiology modalities to Nurses, Residents, Technologists, and students every year in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Their aim, to deliver new developments in these fields, complements Medlantis’ goal of delivering up-to-date medical video training content to the medical device industry through their online portal.

During the conference, Medlantis recorded medical video content, which was later transcribed, segmented, indexed and added to playlists catering to WCIC’s audience. This enables expert speakers to deliver their content to a wider audience than ever before, which in turn will benefit a larger audience with content delivery, as well as education in new techniques and procedures.


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