Get excited, because nursing education is finally coming to Medlantis!

We were thrilled when we were given the opportunity to attend and record the ARIN 37th Annual Convention this year in Los Angeles. The Association for Radiologic & Imaging Nursing (ARIN) is the leader in education focused on radiology nursing. This tight-knit nursing community is dedicated to advancing the standard of care of nurses in the imaging, radiology, and interventional radiology environments, and come together to share an incredible amount of lectures, workshops, and presentations each year.

Our partnership aims to make this expertise available to an even broader audience of nurses and other healthcare professionals, generating conversation as radiology & imaging specialization grows. The speakers of the ARIN do a fantastic job covering a broad range of imaging & radiology topics for their members. You can check out the full list of what we recorded this year below.

All of the recorded presentations flow through our vital video pipeline to optimize the digital expression of every single lecture. After we transcribe all of the videos, each one is broken down into a set of 1-5 minute chapters that cover concise topics, case studies, or research findings. This is awesome for people who attended the presentation and just want to re-visit a specific part or for those who missed the lecture and want to jump right in.

The videos are also passed through our contextual analysis algorithms for an even more granular understanding of key topics covered in each chapter. Our recommendation engine automatically generates dynamic playlists, so you can watch through different perspectives of a single topic in one place. Exciting stuff!

So without any further ado, here’s the list of presentations by the wonderful speakers in the ARIN community, soon to be available on Vital Video.

We had an awesome time at the AVIR conference this year in warm & sunny Los Angeles, CA. It’s always nice to see the familiar faces of the AVIR team, and it is especially nice to meet the technologists, nurses, and physicians who attended and presented at the meeting this year.
Our production team had a lot of fun recording all of the lectures that were presented over three days, and we’re excited to share all of the new videos that are coming soon to Medlantis from the meeting.
Many thanks to all of the speakers this year – sharing your expertise is so important, and greatly appreciated by all of the learners & attendees.
Without further ado, here’s what’s currently in the production pipeline from the AVIR General Meeting, 2018.

Our founder, Dr. Kieran Murphy, was the Meeting President of the GRIBOI meeting this year, so we had the pleasure of going down to Los Angeles a day early to attend the meeting before the SIR 2018 Conference kicked off.

GRIBOI is an international society dedicated to research and education in the field of bone and biomaterials, particularly focused on Spine intervention in benign and malignant disease.

The innovation that is happening in the world of image guided spine therapy is really phenomenal, and the speakers at this conference are the top leaders in this field. We are thrilled to be able to make it available online for such a broad audience of medical professionals.

Here’s the list if all of the talks we recorded at this years GRIBOI conference, soon to be available on Medlantis.

First ever web-app dedicated to data mining medical video

Toronto, ON. – August 1, 2017 – Medlantis is launching Vital Video, a data-mining engine for medical video to help healthcare professionals solve their problem of staying clinically current given an overwhelming rate of change in medical, technical, and clinical innovation.

“Vital Video is specifically designed to highlight short video clips of how physicians use medical technology to perform interventions requiring high-degrees of skill. We get the worlds’ leading medical 20-40 minute training videos, and automatically segment them into 2-4-minute clips covering case studies, technology comparisons, risk mitigation, safety, etc.. Medlantis then sorts and serves up short clips of highest relevance to physicians, nurses, technologists and medtech professionals, alerting them when new clips match their interests.   Using transcription, keyword, contextual and sentiment analysis, meta-tagging, filtering and search features, all fed through a relevancy engine, Medlantis offers a highly effective learning experience. This gives medical professionals access to short, relevant, ‘vital video’ clips they need without having to search for it all themselves, which in practice is impossible.”   Said Dr. Kieran Murphy, an internationally renowned neuro-radiologist, medtech entrepreneur, and founding Chairman of Medlantis.  “Our users represent the current and next generation of healthcare professionals, and they expect digital and on-demand access to relevant teaching.  We give them exactly that.”

“Medical teaching, based on face-to-face mentorship, is effective but phenomenally inefficient.  Over the next 20 years, the growth in the world’s healthcare training needs will come from emerging markets, as well as the developed world. Up until recently, it’s been possible to teach and train only through face-to-face workshops, symposiums, and conferences – which is extremely difficult for emerging market physicians to attend.  Medical societies are fantastic at attracting experts and delivering these experiences with a high level of quality, and this is why Medlantis partners with them.  The learners, however, are increasingly international, and more often than not, cannot attend these excellent teaching opportunities.  We’ve done the hard work of bringing it to them with a high degree of relevance, and optimized for mobile viewing.” Explained Andrew Witchell, COO of Medlantis.

During the public beta, Vital Video was tested in dozens of emerging market countries. “I think I have found a jewel today. This means so, so, much to me in my studies. Thanks a lot. I have no words now to say thank you. This program is a great initiative and I would definitely recommend it.” explained Suyogya W. a first year resident in the department of radiology, TU Teaching Hospital, Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj, Nepal.

Medlantis data mines & matches 1000’s of hours of medical lectures, cases, procedures, workshops, and demonstrations from the world’s top medical societies then matches that information to a Healthcare Professional’s interests and preferences to help them vastly improve the return on their enormous effort invested in staying clinically current.

You might already be using our site for vital video and/or accredited CME & CE courses,

but there’s a broader story…

Medlantis partners with Vascular and Interventional Radiology medical societies to help solve for the current 7.2 million (and projected 12.9 million in only 18 years from now) healthcare professional shortage by connecting medical communities and delivering digital access from the best clinical experts, to millions of current and future healthcare professionals, throughout the world.

We’re making part of the solution.

Everyone who signs-up from a Hinari Group A country gets a full Medlantis subscription for free. Here’s an example of why we do this: (Permission was sought, and granted to reprint the following)

“Hello sir, 
This is Suyogya from Nepal. I am currently a first year resident in the department of radiology in TU Teaching Hospital Maharajgunj. I am interested in joining the site.
I am eligible for HINARI
Country- Nepal
Organization- TU Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj.

1000$ is a very very high price for us Nepalese. It is impossible to pay it for a year. My annual salary is approx [redacted]$. Hope you would provide discounts so that we also get the opportunity to move with the recent developments in radiology.”

Of course, we complied and upgraded the account.

Here was the response:

“I think I have found a jewel today. This means so, so, much to me in my studies. Thanks a lot. I have no words now to say thank you.”
Suyogya W. First year resident in the department of radiology, TU Teaching Hospital, Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj, Nepal.

We need your help.

We’ve since automated the process. Now, anyone who creates their account from a Hinari Group A country will automatically have their subscription upgraded to a full account. This provides them with front & centre access to the latest from the best lecturers in the world. Free. Always.

If you know of anyone from a Group A country (listed below) who you think might be interested in a free Medlantis subscription, either for themselves, a colleague or for their teaching program, please simply forward this page to them. When they sign up, their accounts will be upgraded. No charge. Ever.

Thank you for joining us.

The Medlantis Team.

Group A (free access)
Burkina Faso 
Cabo Verde 
Central African Republic 
Côte d’Ivoire 
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 
Democratic Republic of the Congo 
Equatorial Guinea 
Lao People’s Democratic Republic 
Micronesia (Federated States of)
Papua New Guinea 
Republic of Moldova 
São Tome and Principe 
Sierra Leone 
Solomon Islands 
South Sudan 
Syrian Arab Republic 
United Republic of Tanzania 
Viet Nam 

Digital Mentorship

My name is Kieran Murphy.  I’m a doctor; I teach radiology and I invent medical devices.  I’m an Interventional Neuroradiologist, I have sixty-five patents, and my devices are used around 60,000 times a year. Over the years I’ve had the honour of teaching hundreds of radiology residents from around the world.

I’m from Ireland originally, then practiced for twenty years in the U.S.. I trained in New York at the University of Michigan and then ten years at Johns Hopkins as Head of Interventional Neuroradiology.  Then, I moved to Canada as Vice-chair and Deputy Chief of the Department at the University Health Network (Toronto General, Princess Margaret) in Toronto.  While there, I built UHN’s international department and over four years led our teaching and educational programs with many countries in the Middle East.

It was through that experience that I realized international medical teaching was phenomenally inefficient.

Everywhere I taught, access to teaching was different for each physician I met. I witnessed doctors from different countries, working shoulder-to-shoulder with the same patients, forced to draw from vastly different educational resources, often unable to receive education from where they work.

I noticed this everywhere.  This bothered me morally.

I decided to democratize our efforts and create an online teaching platform, Medlantis, to share medical teaching based on the World Health Organization’s Hinari classification of countries.  This makes Medlantis’ educational products effectively free to healthcare professionals in 73 countries, and at low cost to another 49 countries as of 2017.

So if you come from a country at the lower WHO Hinari ranking, Medlantis provides you free access; if you come from Germany or Saudi Arabia, for example, you pay a modest fee.

To date, I’ve focused on radiology-based teachings as this is where my specialty lies.  I now find myself in the humbling position to broaden our subject matter as others are reaching out to us offering to make their teachings available on Medlantis.  My students represent the next generation of healthcare professionals, and they expect digital and on-demand access to relevant teaching.  I intend to continue to improve Medlantis in the expectation of being a life-long resource for them.


Development update! We have a dashboard! I repeat, WE HAVE A DASHBOARD!

Hey, it’s Julia Greig here, I’m the lead developer for Medlantis. I am very VERY excited to announce the release of our new dashboard experience! So excited that I asked to personally make this post.

As a developer my job is entirely based around improving the usability of the website for you, our beloved user. We know that everyone who comes to our site has a different practice, different interests, and different goals when it comes to self education. That’s why our dashboard is ever evolving to accommodate the individual interests and needs of every user. No two dashboards are alike, but your dashboard will always focus on giving you the exact videos that you want to see.

Okay, okay,  get to the good stuff already.
  • We put together a recommendations panel to show you all of the clips that we would suggest you watch based on your preferences. If you go to your preferences page you can check off every topic you’re interested in. Then we’ll show you all of the clips that match those topics. Easy!
  • A random clips panel is also available on the dashboard. This will give you a glimpse into the other types of videos we have on the site. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something you didn’t know you were interested in. It’s always good to see what else is out there.
  • Finally, we have a playlists panel to showcase our latest playlists. These playlists are individually crafted by our medical experts to dive deep into topics like endovascular aneurism repair, peripheral arterial disease, or embolotherapy in the chest.

So there you have it, the dashboard explained.

We are always always trying to improve our site for you. If you have any ideas or feedback on how we could do that, please let me know. That is a link my very own e-mail address for you to reach out to. All of your comments will come directly to me, with no middle-man. I care a lot about what you have to say, so please do reach out.

Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to sharing more cool stuff with you all!

— Julia Greig

Do you have time to sort through over 800, 20-minute long, clinical videos?

We don’t!
 And when we asked other Doctors, Nurses, Technologists, Sonographers, Residents, Students, etc… They didn’t either.
(800 is the approximate number of videos medical society will produce over a week-long medical conference, by the way.)

So we took the videos…


.. and transcribed everything
 so that we could find the information that mattered. Then we made each transcript entirely click-able.

and chopped them up into short, vital, clips.

By splitting it up into chapters and cases, we could get right to the spots that mattered in each video.

Then we added a blazing-fast 

So we could drill-down on what we cared about, like device, procedure, research study, etc, and answer questions like “Who else has lectured on DVT?”

And fed it all through a relevancy engine.

To make sure everyone would be recommended just the best clips for them.  Think “serve,” not “search.”

Then we grouped them into Playlists

To provide you with full videos, or topical lists of clips. You’ll soon be able to create your own and get alerted on new clips that fit your playlist.  It’s the easiest way to stay up-to-date on what lecturers around the world are saying (coming soon).

Have a search for yourself

Vital Video
WCIC 2017 Logo

TORONTO, Canada The West Coast Imaging Conference (WCIC) and Medlantis have teamed up in a new, educational partnership that will take WCIC’s content to a potentially global audience through Medlantis’ online delivery system.

WCIC delivers education on the latest in Medical Imaging and Interventional Radiology modalities to Nurses, Residents, Technologists, and students every year in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Their aim, to deliver new developments in these fields, complements Medlantis’ goal of delivering up-to-date medical video training content to the medical device industry through their online portal.

During the conference, Medlantis recorded medical video content, which was later transcribed, segmented, indexed and added to playlists catering to WCIC’s audience. This enables expert speakers to deliver their content to a wider audience than ever before, which in turn will benefit a larger audience with content delivery, as well as education in new techniques and procedures.

Biba CX Symposium venous workshop

LONDON, UK – Biba Medical, a leading medical publisher and owner of the world’s leading Charing Cross venous symposium has partnered with the digital medical video media company Medlantis to bring their workshop material to a global digital audience.

“This partnership is another example that medical companies, as well as medical societies, can effectively augment the traditional one-on-one, hands-on lecture experience, into a one-to-many. We can virtually transport thousands of medical students from around the globe into a digital face-to-face educational experience.” explains Andrew Witchell, COO Medlantis.

In the past, the medical community was forced to rely on an in-person approach to training. This limited the number of those educated in the latest medical devices and techniques, as well as having significant cost attached to it for those having to travel to said workshops, lectures or conferences.

In April, 2017 Medlantis joined the two day CX Venous Workshop at the CX Symposium in London, England. The symposium had 4,500 attendees, with 1,100 participating in the CX Venous Workshop, learning about the latest instruments, medical devices and techniques through one-on-one demonstrations as well as group lectures. The content recorded by Medlantis is now being distributed online for worldwide access, broadening the reach and scope of individuals who can learn from the workshops.   This is now a unique, innovative approach that BIBA and Medlantis can offer expert physicians on the lecture circuit and medtech company sponsors of the BIBA event.

The one-on-one demonstrations and group lectures Medlantis recorded at the CX Symposium’s Venous Workshop covered topics such as:

  • ClariVein Mechanochemical Ablation
  • Venovo Venous Stent
  • Mechanicochemical Ablation of Vericose Veins
  • Treating Extensive PTS – The VICI Venous Stent
  • ClosureFast – Truncal Ablation Demonstration

“Charing Cross CX is the world’s leading venous meeting for interventional cardiologists and radiologists.   Our sponsors are the world’s leading medtech device manufacturers.   Medlantis’ unique video approach and platform allows BIBA to expand the impact of speakers and sponsors from one meeting, reaching several hundred participants, to potentially a global audience and thousands of physicians, technologists and medtech sales reps.   We feel BIBA and Medlantis are changing the game in medical conference experience and value.”   Stephen Greenhaulgh, President, BIBA Publishing.

“Medlantis is not just bringing digital content online.   Our portal is specifically designed to highlight short video clips of highest relevance to any physician or medtech sales rep, and alerting them when new clips match their interests.   By using unique chaptering, meta-tagging and search features, Medlantis offers a highly effective viewing experience, giving them access to the material they need faster than other online portals can provide.”   Dr. Kieran Murphy, an interventional radiologist, medtech entrepreneur, and founding Chairman of Medlantis.