STI and Medlantis Partnership – Bringing Live-Streaming and Live-Editing to the Endovascular Surgery Workshop Experience 0

TORONTO, Canada – Medlantis announced today a new partnership with the largest supplier in the United States for cadaver-lab education experiences, the Surgical Training Institute (STI). Medlantis and STI will together bring procedure as well as workshop-focused educational content to an online, digital audience.

This is the first time STI will be live-streaming and live-editing the workshop experience. This has the advantage of not only supporting local audiences but reaching an internet audience who would otherwise not have the capability of seeing and learning these procedures. The content is intended to be delivered to Medlantis’ website as well as other, private educational portals still under discussion with STI and Medlantis.

A solution to the high-costs and time-intensive method of having only an in-person education experience has plagued the medical industry since its conception. Thanks to current technologies utilized by Medlantis, live-streaming and live-editing these procedures has the potential of making the audience-base limitless. This has the added benefit of medical staff as well as technicians, learning about new techniques, devices, and procedures a lot sooner than through traditional methods.

Medlantis launched their live-streaming and live-editing procedure at the North American Spine Society’s (NASS) annual meeting in late October. Over two days, they successfully covered three procedures: Transforaminal, Posterior, and Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Surgery (TLIF, PLIF, ALIF).

“Watching a pre-recorded medical lecture has rich, educational value.  However, watching live procedures, how a physician uses a device, explains the procedure, and seeing everything through the point-of-view of the learner, is a far more effective form of education,” explains Andrew Witchell, VP Product Development and Marketing of Medlantis Inc.  “Being able to listen to how the students ask questions, what questions they ask, and witnessing the nuances of the procedure, clearly has great advantages for medical professionals and medtech sales reps looking to anticipate questions from their physician customers. This enables Medlantis to disseminate what was once a one-on-one training experience to a global audience.  We have the technology and the means to finally extend the training experience to a one-to-many environment.”

The current plan with the partnership between STI and Medlantis is to live-stream and live-edit over a dozen events per year, covering procedures across interventional radiology, vascular surgery, orthopedics, and interventional cardiology.


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